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Streamlining of business operation is a constant challenge for all businesses, big or small SMEs, on the one hand, understand the needs to leverage technology to drive their businesses; but on the other, are hampered by lack of knowledge and limited resources to implement it.


SMESUITE offers broad base business IT solutions in one web server that enables SMEs to efficiently manage their operational workflow. Developed from the understanding of SME business practices across industries, this feature-rich and functionally-effective server system delivers practical and cost-effective solutions with modular scalability to meet business needs at varying stages of development.


SMESUITE answers the critical technology needs of small businesses in more ways than one.

- IT File/eMAIL Server

Provides File and eMAIL server solution with management services to provide secure file sharing and backup, complimenting with corporate email hosting

- Operations

All SMEs operational functions including eMails, eQuotation, eScheduling, eTasking, eKnowledge Centre, eFacility Booking and eForms


Handles SME HR functions including eLeave, ePayroll, HR Biodata, eClaims with CPF and IRAS compliance


SMESUITE is a compilation of office infrastructure for secure file sharing with office operations system in a single box.

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